Patagonian mantle

The Patagonian Mantle is a textile created by Ayma, with Patagonia’s nomad spirit in its DNA. Inspired by the legendary cloaks worn by the peoples from the South of the World, it represents the warm protection that a transhumant and wanderlust lifestyle requires.
This piece has unique qualities because of the balance of its weight and size: it is lighter than a blanket, but thicker than a shawl or stole, providing warmth and shelter but also elegance and comfort. Each piece is integrally woven by hand in 19th century looms, with natural fibers from Patagonia.

Timeless Fabrics

Ayma Interiors

Ayma Interiors in an exclusive selection of textiles for upholstery, curtains and textile wallcoverings, as well as a line of blankets and cushions which bring warmth and elegance to the most exclusive rooms.

Botanical perfumery

Oud from the End of the World

An encounter between the mythical Oud Assam and the Senecios from the end of the world.
The animalic and woody notes in this Oud come from the Assam region of Bangladesh and are among the most coveted in perfumery. At the same time, different kinds of southern Senecios such as Senecio bracteolatus, Senecio tehuelches and Senecio filaginoides provide a mysterious complexity with their wild and powerful notes.


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