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The Triumph of Time

It is a collection by Ayma which symbolizes the indissoluble relationship between textiles and time. We’re victoriously fusing history and present.
It is the feat of making them both hold hands, intertwine and merge, thus erasing the limits of temporality.

Interior design

The spirit of Patagonia in our textiles

Ayma has developed a line of blankets and cushions with raw materials from Patagonia such as mohair from the north of Neuquén, superfine merino wool and guanaco fibers.
Likewise, Ayma has created a unique collection of textiles for interior design which includes fabrics for furniture and curtains.

Botanical perfumery

Ayma's perfumes

Inspired by the perfumery of the 19th century and after six years of botanical research, Ayma has developed a concept of high perfumery based on native plants. Along with a group of perfumers and botanists it has finally created an exclusive collection of natural perfumes based on essential oils, resins and dyes from plants of the south of the world, which in turn combine with the most precious raw materials from perfumery.


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