A unique experience

Sensorial Journeys

A passage through the depths of Argentina

Ayma’s Sensorial Journeys is a new concept of private experiences that merge culture, history, crafts, luxury, art, and design.

For the first time, Ayma opens the doors of its mythical workshops and ateliers and invites you to travel with your senses to the confines of the argentine essence.

You will have the opportunity to visit Maison Borel, a legendary weaving mill dating from the 19th century that preserves some of the oldest textile machines in the world; walkthrough Casa Ayma and its poncho atelier, and finally discover the Olfatorium, an aromatic space inspired by the ancient botany of the 19th century that represents the unprecedented search for fragrances based on species from the south of the world.

The sensorial journeys were designed under the curatorship of Massimo Ianni, renowned creator of hospitality concepts around the world.

How do the journeys work?

Each experience is private and assisted by a bilingual Ayma guide who will accompany you throughout the experience and who will provide you a service with all the security measures and protocols.

If you would like to live an experience in Ayma's workshops and ateliers, please contact us.

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