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Concept and history

Luxury from the south of the world

A cultural brand

Ayma is an Argentinean brand that specializes in creating luxury textiles and design objects with distinct craftsmanship. Inspired by the south of the world, Ayma proposes a fusion between the origin of South America and its noble materials with the nomadic, wandering spirit of the naturists and botanists from the nineteenth century.

Ayma lays its foundations on the re-vindication of craftsmanship, timeless products, sustainability and art in all shape and form. Here, the knowledge of skilled weavers, designers, restorers, perfumers and botanicals meet. This concept is just unique.


Ayma was born from a yearning of upholding the values of Argentinean design. It is the product of 15 years of retrieving techniques and restoring historical looms, while at the same time searching meticulously for exquisite local materials.

Its most important milestone was salvaging Maison Borel, a textile mill from the 19th century. As a result, some of the most antique textile looms in the world have been put in motion once again, a token of authentic Argentinean heritage.


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