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Botanical perfumery

An aromatic journey into the depths of the Argentinean essence

A sensory connection with primeval scents

Ayma has developed a high perfumery concept based on native plants from Argentina. Inspired by botany in the 19th century, it proposes a natural and sustainable concept. It represents an unprecedented search for fragrances among essential oils from the south of the world and the most exclusive raw materials.

The project also includes a botanical workshop in Patagonia where essential oils are distilled by hand and native aromatic species are studied and reproduced.

The collection

Starting with the study of native aromatic species and artisanal distillation of essential oils, Ayma has created this collection of unique perfumes. It is a limited edition of five compositions that evoke the artisanal and botanical spirit of the house.

The first perfume created by Ayma is the most symbolic one, Extracto Argentino, is a fragrance that summarizes the fusion of the Argentinean DNA, the scents of the deepest parts of America and the olfactory notes that came in ships from the old world.

Additionally, Eolo is a fragrance inspired by the glacial winds of the South with a base of paramela, a shrub from Patagonia, and it represents the unclassifiable scent of the gusts of wind from the continental glaciers.

The mysterious Hain is a tribute to the ancient inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego and the ceremonial spirit of their masculine initiation ceremony.

Florae Mundi is a celebration of the world’s flora. It is the first encounter between the most precious flowers of perfumery and the botany from the south of the world.

Last but not least, Mawün is a fragrance inspired by the rough territory of the north of Patagonia and it symbolizes the scent of the steppes after it receives the rain from the Andes.

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