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Nomad Spirit

The Patagonian shepherds move, unhurried”, once said Antoine de Saint Exupéry because this limitless land, quiet on the surface, moves to the rhythm of the wind. The untamed cattle graze from one side to another, just like the travelers who dare get lost in the endless steppe and be astonished by the mountains’ scale.

Patagonia has a nomad soul. It has always been a chosen stop for adventurous hearts. Robert Fitz Roy, Charles Darwin, and Francisco Moreno traversed her, observing the native species and surveying the land’s cartography. Others, such as Bailey Willis, who came to plan the development of the railroads, and anthropologist Anne Chapman, a lover of the Selk’nam culture, adopted this ground as their home. And even before them, transhumant peoples traversed this infinite and unfathomable land.

The nomad soul can be felt at every corner. The yearning to be always on the move is Ayma’s soul. It is about discovering the wonders of nature and turning them into garments full of dreams and history. It is also about capturing the essence of simplicity to imbue it in every memory.

Patagonia is a destiny for those who see beyond: from the subtle perfume of a wildflower that fuses with the earth in perfect alchemy to the Andes imposing peaks and the eternal horizon of the glaciers.

Clement Le Coz, a French man, crossed the Atlantic following the steps of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Along his journey, he met Justina. She passed on to him her love for Patagonia, the place where she has lived so many adventures, the place she goes back to time and time again. They now share their passion for nature and enjoy long cavalcades along the steppes and the mountains.

Their nomad spirit has led them to wander together through southern hideouts. They have kept their senses open to be amazed by nature. They let themselves be charmed by this land of shepherds that move unhurriedly. They have met the soul of Ayma.


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