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The Triumph of Time

A secret victory of time over space

Weaving, a silent construction made of time.
Feeling a textile from Ayma is like caressing and hugging time. They are timeless garments, away from fashion and its frenzy. This time can manifest itself in different shapes and forms.

It is the same time that is present in the invariable relationship between textiles and humankind and its primeval need of shelter and protection.

It is the time that mankind has needed to build tools and methods that later turned into professions.

It is also the time that reflects itself in garments that transcend and pass on from generation to generation and also in the legitimacy of looms that keep creating textiles with only human energy.

Creating is also equivalent to materializing time. It is the magical materialization after a process of accumulating experiences, life lessons, landscapes, faces, colors and shapes so that, in an unfathomable moment, the chemistry between ideas and creation can finally come up.

Being able to enjoy a fabric and its texture is the art of waiting, and thus we can also enjoy the pleasure of the time it took the artisan to create it.


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