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Luxury Fibers

The warmth from Patagonia and the Andes

The wonderful art of weaving with natural fibers

Ayma weaves fusing luxury natural fibers. Thus, the fibers we work with come exclusively from live animals. We focus on animal welfare and all the fibers are fully traceable.

Patagonian fibers

Many incredible fibers come from the steppes at the south of the world and among them the one that stands out the most comes from guanacos, one of the most exquisite of them all.

Southern Patagonia is also home to merino sheep which produce super fine wool and goats –in the north of Neuquén– which produce mohair fibers with an incredible range of shades and sheen.

Andean fibers

The South American camelids live mainly in the Andean Mountains. Vicuñas, referred to as “Princesses of the Andes”, offer the most exclusive natural fiber of the world, a fiber that is as thin as 10 microns.

Llamas and alpacas have also lived there for millennia and their fibers have been ancestrally cherished due to their longevity and thermal qualities. Ayma also works with other natural fibers such as cotton from the Argentinean Chaco, silk and palo borracho (silk floss tree).


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